J & J Independent Living, LLC

In May J&J Independent Living, LLC. was established in December of 2014 as a continuance of a dream that began in September of 1997 when Billie “Jo” Hansen opened her first Assisted Living home in Anchorage following her relocation from Idaho.  Jo believed that creating a home-like setting where everyone was included in the family would help foster quality life experiences for people with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and Mental Health (MH) issues.  With Jo’s love for many activities and outdoor experiences, she worked to ensure that it was common to include everyone in the home with outings.  In 2002, Jo purchased a home in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley and brought both her family and the residents who were living with in her Assisted Living home at the time.  Over the years she accepted more clients until eventually in February of 2014 while sitting at her dining room table an idea began to form about the type of things a home should offer.  The idea of expanding to the next level to become an agency built on the concept that everyone deserves to have a quality life where they feel accepted, understood, supported, and encouraged to live out their dreams as independently as possible.  In July of 2014, a second home was identified and opened in December as J&J’s second home for people experiencing IDD/MH issues.  A few days later on December 11, 2014, Jo’s dream became a reality as J&J Independent Living, LLC. received its certification as a Home-Community based agency.  Realizing the need for quality, well-trained providers within our community to support people experiencing IDD/MH disabilities, J&J’s primary focus is to building quality lives through teamwork, communication, and acceptance for each individual receiving services in the home and community settings.  J&J’s office opened April 1, 2015.  In May of 2015 we began offering Day Habilitation Services offering activities, classes, and events where learning is gained through inclusion, socialization, and fun.  The goal of these activities will be keep to the lowest cost for our participants, we do not require individuals to have services through J&J Independent Living to be included in the experience of these programs.  However membership to these events does require a small monthly fee for our recreation club.